Saturday, 2 May 2015

Deep breath time again!

Hello my lovely friends and visitors, I hope your weekend is going well.  Today I don’t have a card or proper project to share with you. 
Today I have my sketching practice to share with you.  I mentioned in a post where I previously shared my sketches that I’ve not drawn for quite a while because I lost confidence in myself and felt that what I could draw was good.  This drawing and practicing is all because of a book that I won from Unruly PaperArts challenge earlier this year.  I want to send everyone at Unruly a huge Thank You Ladies. 
I didn’t think that I would ever be able to draw like this and be happy with the end results.  If  anyone wants to learn how to draw beautiful kind faces mixed media style I completely and fully recommend the book I won.  So huge thanks to Unruly PaperArts and a huge thank you to Jane Davenport (author) for the personal autograph and for posting my book to the UK from Australia!
Thankfully I’m feeling a little braver at the moment and I’m quite happy with the end result of my constant practice has achieved.
Now then the first three are really dodgy, lol, to say the least but I think they have improved, so taking a big deep breath here is what I’ve been scribbling in my A4 journal …

This one is actually A4 in size! 
These were sketched onto snippets 
I managed A5 size this time!

Playing with watercolour pencils: much more practice required! 
A charcoal pencil A4 size again
I am struggling to draw them smaller than A4: so will have to practice more!

UpdateAs I was told by Mo to I’m sharing this with 

Huge big thank you to all who left lovely comments too! 

Sharing these photographs is a big deal for me and I know they aren’t fine art and they aren’t the best sketches ever but I’m happy with my progress and that’s why I’ve decided to share them on my blog.

I have completed Chapter One which is about the products that are used in mixed media and how you can use them.  I am working on Chapters Two and Three right now and they are the basics and details of face drawing.  I have really got to practice all of the steps in both of these chapters, lol, before feeling confident enough to move onto the next Chapter – this is going to take a lot of practice and time lol!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and comment.  I really do appreciate it and I hope you get some time to do what you love to do this weekend  ttfn Karen x

Water colour pencils; pot of water; paintbrushes; water soluble soft pencil; charcoal pencils; A4 journal


massofhair said...

PLEASE share your faces over on Kim Dellow's blog. She has started an Art It Friday or Show Your Face link so amyone can share their face drawing journey. Starts Fri 10am and closes after 1 week. Hope to see you there!!!

Loving your faces, you are very brave to share but your faces are better than mine lol.

Each face has so much emotion and wonderful eyes. Keep on drawing & sharing!!! :-) xxx

rachel said...

wtg Karen - these are fabulous and way better than I can do!!! Big hugs and thanks for sharing xx

SARN said...

Well done for putting your "big girl pants" on this morning Karen and being brave enough to put your sketches "out there".

I've tried drawing a face and it's REALLY HARD so I take my hat off to you for practising again and again (I'd lose patience).

Anyway . . . they are really very good. Keep it up.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Carol said...

Well done on sharing Karen...these look fabulous. Carol x

Brenda said...

Wow Karen, these are fabulous!! You keep practicing and moving on in this book, because you are doing really well. I think faces are so hard to draw, but you seem to have it down! Awesome and I'm so glad that you shared them with us!! Hugs, Brenda

Kim Dellow said...

They are fabulous face Karen, thank you so much for sharing and linking them up on Art It Friday - Show Your Face, thanks Superstar Mo for hooking us up :)

I do hope you will drop by again and link up to share with us how you are getting on. Kx