Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Waffle and my doodles, I'm very nervous ...

Hello my lovely friends and visitors, I hope your week is going well – Happy Hump Day everyone!  When I first set up this new blog I typed a post as to the why’s and what I wanted to achieve. 
So here is what I am doing when I’m not blogging and please remember that until January 2015 I had not picked up a pencil and doodled for more than twenty years …

I have always drawn these shaped flowers, like a snowdrop, and the leaf on the LHS 
I've always loved owls and doodled them for years
I definitely prefer the whimsical and it's improving each time
I do love Clarice Cliff pottery but sadly own none!
I am sure I've seen a stamp or stamps like this before lol!

At school I attended art classes but when my family left London I ended up in a different school which meant I could not carry on with my arts because I had to do a science (a complete waste of time for me and the teacher) but I was able to continue my O Level Sewing Skills which I loved.
When DH and I got married he knew I was an avid crafter and I did a lot of sewing back then.  I was working full time in London and by the time I got home and we had dinner and all the other stuff there wasn’t much time for artsy pursuits.  
I was hurt in a car accident and looked around for a hobby to fill the days and went back to sewing and doing a little doodling when I could.  Then I was in a second car accident and we moved here a few months after.  
I was able to find a local weekly course that was art and watercolour class.  I was never 100% happy with my drawings and paintings and I was unsure of myself.  Card making started to take off in the UK and I thought stamping would satisfy the craftsy side of my personality, having created/made stuff on an off all my life.
Over the last year I started to want to do more and wishing so hard that I had kept up with some of my studies, courses and practising those art skills.  So I've been doodling a little, especially flowers and leaves since before Christmas.  I know I need a lot of practise.  But it is loads of fun and I’m actually enjoying it, which I really did not expect to happen.  Personally I think it’s the lovely Sarn’s fault lol!  Sharing your awesome tangles with us made something in my brain click lol!
Hopefully I will have more time to practise my doodles and sketching when I feel able and if I can improve my decorative painting well enough I will definitely try to create my tribute to Clarice Cliff as I love her bold use of colour.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and comment.  I really do appreciate it and I hope you get some time to do what you love to do this week  ttfn Karen x

Card Paper: a very old blank notepad #
Pencils, charcoal and other #

# VOS + 10 years old


Becca Cruger said...

Karen, I'm so glad you're rediscovering something that brings you joy! Doodling is so much fun, regardless of whether or not you think it's perfect. We are our own worst critics, aren't we? I'm looking forward to seeing more artsy doodles in the future!

ursula Uphof said...

Karen, love the idea that you are starting up your doodling, sketching etc. I also loved your previous posts with the various techniques. I am wanting to start up some of the mixed media that I began playing with a few years ago, but just ran out of time as I was running my own business, Have now sold it and moved into a retirement village, so hopefully will be able to play with all those things soon. Not very good at it but enjoy doing it. Hugs, Ursula

SARN said...

Morning Karen . . . YAY for all things arty whether it's doodling, tangling, dangling . . . it's ALL FUN.

Good for you for picking up your pencil and practising. You never know where it might lead . . . I NEVER thought I'd end up having my designs manufactured into a stamp set . . . but, amazingly, it happened.

Keep up the good work. Keep dreaming Honey.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

SARN said...

By the way . . . your tree drawing IMMEDIATELY made me think of Clarice Cliff before I read the sentence beneath it! Top marks! xxx

Love the skyline drawing too.


rachel said...

I think your sketches are fabulous Karen - I hope you're going to develop some of them into some great mixed media art work xx

Carol said...

These look fab Karen....well done for going back and trying again. I can't draw for toffee although I used to be able to copy things fairly accurately freehand. Carol x

Brenda said...

Wow Karen, I think your doodling and drawings look amazing! I wish I had some drawing talent, but sadly I do not. Can't doodle either, just looks like a hot mess. lol I'm so glad you are getting back to it and happy to hear that you are enjoying it as well. I can't believe you were in 2 car crashes, that must have been awful and scary. My librarian teacher friend was in a bad accident too and have effects from it, you both are inspiring with how you march forward so bravely doing the things you love. Hugs, Brenda

Helen said...

I love the owls (no kidding right?!). But the tree landscape really stood out for me. Gorgeous! Glad you've got your pencils out again :-). Xx

massofhair said...

When you feel the itch you need to scratch it and Karen i am so glad you have! Your drawing skills are brilliant, loving your snowdrop very much. Hope to see more of your doodles very soon, fabulous share:-) xxx

Tracy Freeman said...

Hello hunni, sorry for not being around.
These are fab and i am so pleased you are doing something you enjoy :0 sending hugs my sweet and talented friend xxx